Litigation Philosophy

In litigation, VLF focuses on identifying risk, using leverage, and creating value to maximize our clients’ recovery or mitigate their damage. We also have a “big picture” philosophy that recognizes our litigation strategy must be in line with their overall budget, business plan and goals.

VLF understands the unique challenges associated with small businesses litigation, including budgets, risk, employment regulations, competition, pricing, value and leverage. Leverage, value, and risk are intertwined concepts that dictate if or when parties abandon unreasonable legal and/or settlement positions. Whether, when and how we and our opponent(s) identify and use risk and leverage it will determine if, when and under what terms a business or legal dispute is resolved and how much value our clients receive.

Many Houston lawyers hold themselves out as “trial lawyers.” However, nationwide statistics show that less than one percent (1%) of cases actually go to trial. So, while VLF have as much trial experience as most “trial lawyers” out there, we are going to be honest and tell you that our greatest strength is resolving controversies before suit and during the pre-trial process, where 99% of all cases are won, lost, and resolved!

If your business needs an aggressive small business litigation firm that understands how to use risk, value, and leverage to your benefit, please contact the Houston small business attorneys at VLF.

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