Company Records

The Texas Business & Organizations Code requires that all business entities create and keep certain formal books and records to maintain limited liability protection. VLF is available to help small business owners comply with the legally required paperwork, which includes: minutes of annual meetings, stock ledger entries, stock transfer transactions, shareholder lists, and other formal paperwork necessary to effectuate transactions involving substantially all of the assets or other transaction requiring a quorum and vote under a company agreement, by-laws or governing agreement.

VLF work experience, inside and outside law, provides the practical experience necessary to determine when entity documentation is required and how much detail needs to be provided. Small businesses simply cannot afford the same level of detail as public and large companies who employ a full time legal department. VLF will keep costs under control and ensure you only pay for what you need. VLF will also provide instruction and sample documents so that you do not have to come back every year and pay an attorney to do entity documents that you can prepare yourself.

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