Agreements to Buy or Sell Real Estate

In Texas and in most states, the law requires an agreement to purchase or sell real estate to be in writing to be enforceable. VLF has experience in representing buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate sales at various stages of the process and is ready to protect your current and future legal rights.

In a residential transaction, most parties can get away with using a Texas Real Estate Commission “One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale)” if they are represented by a licensed real estate agent. However, if during the inspection process, the parties discover a defect that could seriously affect the value of the home, a real estate attorney should be contacted to ensure that current and future rights are protected. Beware, a real estate agent or broker is qualified to advise you on location and price of a home; they are not qualified nor allowed to advise you on your rights under a sales contract.

Commercial “deals” in Houston are far more complicated than residential sales because they almost always involve the multiple layers of legal rights, e.g., assignment of tenant leases, easements, or other rights pertaining to the real property. There are many attorneys in Houston qualified to paper up commercial real estate sale, but most have never been commercial real estate owners and do not understand the some of the latent dangers that lurk inside the contract and property. If you want to work with a lawyer who has bought, owned, and sold commercial properties and represented third parties in all stages of the process, contact VLF.

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